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  video: invitation to Korean buddhism
  12-13 jul

  26-27 jul

2-3 aug
karma-yoga with readings

  17 aug
day of meditation, in silence
  meditation and Zen practice encounters
Mountain is quiet,
water is flowing,
moon is bright,
a flower is blooming.
At midnight, a good smell fills the world.
A good time to drink tea.

Sòn Master Man Gong
These pages are under construction. Maintaining the english pages of this site, especially teachings and practice sections is a big work that we can't effort at this time. If you think you may help with writing and translating dharma teachings and so on... you are really welcome. You can refer to the contacts page!
teachings and practice of Zen Buddhism from Comunità Bodhidharma
Comunità Bodhidharma is associated to the Italian Buddhist Union (UBI)